100 Days of Learning Project: Week 2

Learning has always been one of my true passions. I believe the more we learn about God and His purpose for us, the more we learn about ourselves as humans. Here are highlights from week 2…

Day 8: God WANTS to make you RICH.

2 Corinthians 9:11 says “You WILL be made rich in EVERY way“…however the purpose of wealth was never to entertain yourself. The second half of that verse says …”so that you can be generous on EVERY occasion“. The real principle here is NOT wealth, it’s generosity. If God gives you an ocean, will you give back?

Day 9: Just go for it…JUMP!

I remember when I was just about to graduate from college. I had stumbled across a study abroad opportunity to live in Mexico for a month. With less than 2 days til I graduated, I didn’t need the credits but something told me to go for it. It would be the first of many international learning experiences. From that time, I fell in love with Mexico and one day want to build  a retreat/resort there for Christian families and recreation.  I just wonder if I ever would have had that desire in my heart had it not been for that time that  I just went for it. I remember a sermon by Pastor Chris Durso about the Lord telling us to jump off our platform like a child who wants to jump off the bed into his father’s arms. However, sometimes we get stuck on that platform. The Lord is telling us “Jump! Go for it! I’ll catch you!”And instead we sit back idly by just waiting and waiting.

I’ll never forget that time, I jumped for it. It paid off. Now I await the opportunity to jump again.

Day 10: Use your imagination

Day 7 taught me that from God’s imagination, everything was created. Now today I’m starting to use the imagination that God gave me. I once asked myself if I could do anything and money wasn’t an issue, what would I do? At first thought, I said I would love to blog and study fitness and use those modalities to reach others for Christ. Obviously that entails me needing to be financially supported. But yes, I would do that no matter what job I have. That’s the kingdom life I imagine.

Day 11: Surround yourself with fellow artisans

“The best way to produce your best work is to surround yourself around people who are committed to doing their best work.” – Artisan’s Soul

Day 12: Imagination –> Reality = Your True Passion

Again, I learned something from reading the Artisan’s Soul. Is there something that you know how to do that comes straight from your imagination and you can turn it into reality?  Even more, is it something that you can make exactly how you imagined it? If so, that’s your true gift and calling. Think about that.

13. The importance of living inspired.

I woke up inspired today , in awe and wonder of the life God has given me. What He empowers, enables and enacts me to do has lifted my energy level to a new place. As you inspire me Lord, you lead me to create works of art that reflect You. As I create, you are creating me. As I work, you are shaping me into your masterpiece. Inspire me anew each day. 

14. Define your definition of FUN

Life should be fun. In fact, your purpose in life should provide you not only with self-satisfaction but an element of entertainment or excitement. I recently came across this as I did a hard WOD at CrossFit Salus. It was tough and challenging….and yet I found it so much FUN. Everybody has a definition fun and if not, make sure you define it for yourself.

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