100 Days of Learning Project: Week 3

15. Turning your passion into profit. I saw a wonderful story of a lady who bought herself a bubble trailer and fixed it up so travelers around the world could stay there. I thought that was such an innovative way to turn what some people consider as trash into a passionate business.


16. The empty vision board. It was a fun night of cutting out pictures and looking for concepts that illustrated what we wanted out of future lives. It was exciting to act like we had the power to do whatever we wanted as we planned out what we wanted out lives too look like. Except I didn’t get that far. I had all my pieces and stopped just shy of gluing them to my vision board. Something didn’t seem right. I got home and thought to myself, maybe I just need to have more faith. But it wasn’t faith or lack of it that was stopping me, it was the thought that somehow i had took God’s power out of his hands. Yes its important to dream and even more important to go after what you want. But what if we took that empty vision board and handed it to God and said “Here you design it”. What would we allow Him to create? God gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him I once read. Do I have enough faith to hand over to God my empty vision board?


17. The importance of a mentor. My generation has been called a bunch of passionate go-getters who don’t want to work for anyone. I think it’s just that we just want to use our gifts and talents for a purpose. But no matter what talent and passion always need direction.

18. Jimmy V’s words for life: Think a little. Cry a little. Laugh a little.
I find myself following these words without even knowing it. Each day, I spend time in deep thought. I make sure something brings me to tears. And I make sure something makes me laugh heartily. I find as Jimmy said that it makes for a full and wonderful day.

19. True creativity is a result of boundaries. Think about food, color and music. All limited but creativity comes from using those limitations to create a masterpiece.

20. Today I learned a hard lesson about power. With great power comes great responsibility. Sometimes that kinda power can give people the wrong impression about their own strength. Other times it creates a worry, can I handle this sort of power? I look at movies on stock brokers and other high powered jobs where people have the potential to get rich and see how their coping mechanism is drugs, sex and alcohol. It all comes down to pressure. Pressure can bust pipes or pressure can make diamonds. I think the only difference if where you attribute that power. If you think that power is your own, there’s a lot more pressure on your back to maintain it. If you know and acknowledge that power comes from God, then you realize you don’t have to create, you just have to accept it. God has equipped me to not only handle that kind of power but to do great things with it for His glory. The more i accept that it’s not by my own might, the easier it is to let Him flow thru me. It brings a whole new meaning to what Paul said, “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me”. Even handle enormous amounts of power.

21. His grace is sufficient. Remind yourself every day, every moment if you have to.

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