100 Days of Learning Project: 1st Week

What is the 100 Days of Learning Project? Inspired by the endless pile of books laying in my library that I’ve never finished, I began this project in the pursuit of learning since learning is one of my true passions. I’ve always been naturally curious. Contrary to the popular 100 Happy Days or Give It 100 . My 100 Days of Learning is geared toward finding something each day that I never knew before. It’s finding something each day that inspires me. It’s learning about things that drives me to my true purpose and passion in life.

100 Days Project: 1st Week 

Day 1: God has already wrote the handbook on Health and Nutrition.

Inspired by What the Bible Says About Health. I realized that God put rules in place for our health and nutrition not to restrict us but to help us lead fuller more abundant lives. Check out what else this book says.

Day 2: God was a creator.

Passing a road sign in Vermont, I saw a sign that said “In the beginning, God created..”.Genesis 1:1 I’m reading a book about the creative artisan in all of us. The first words written down the bible was how God’s first act was a creative one. He was an artist at heart, so are we.  so the purpose of this journey is to find out what my true art is, an art that reflects Him.

Day 3: Don’t let your passion become your pitfall.

I noticed something today that reminded me how your passion and purpose is meant to glorify God, not yourself. I guess it’s because I’m starting to see more and more women use their fit bodies as a way to attract people’s eyes and attention to other areas, specifically sex. I think it’s great that more women are into fitness since at one point being super skinny was preferred. But this reminds me that my body and passion for staying fit should have nothing to do with attracting people to my body. Rather it should be attracting people to my purpose and ultimately God.

Day 4: The Importance of Letting God Speak Through You.

Letting the Holy Spirit speak for you can be tricky. How often have we been in conversations that required us to quickly come up with an answer or defend or explain why believe the way we believe. More often that not, we can jump to get defensive or become agitated when someone questions us. I believe these are wonderful opportunities to put the Holy Spirit to the test. The Holy Spirit is our guide, and one of the most important ways he can guide us is thru the words that come out of our mouths during these moments. Our explanations when presented with grace and truth can change another’s perspective and turn a skeptic into a believer. When people test you, don’t think of it as a time to get defensive. Pause your own personal thoughts and opinions for a moment and let the Holy Spirit flow through your conversation.

Day 5: Being the reflection of God.

When people see you, do they see God? If you were able to look into the mirror, what would show more – your reflection or God’s reflection?  I noticed that for the statement to be true, vanity has to go out the window. You can’t reflect God but still want yourself to be reflected. To be God’s reflection, your own reflection has to diminish.

Day 6: Stick to what works.

I can’t tell you how many times I have a found something that works (for example, a diet that helps me lose weight) only to go back to old habits. I’m learning the importance of sticking to my good habits and ignore the old, repetitive ones that seem to always rear their ugly head.

Day 7: Everything God created came from His imagination first.

Everything God created came from His imagination first, “things that were not seen” according to Hebrews 11:2-3.  For me, that’s a powerful statement. If were made in His image and we have the power to imagine things and make them a reality – what is stopping us from imagining the best possible things for our lives?

Stay tuned for week 2!

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