A Letter To My Fellow Christians About “Same Love”…PART 2


[If you haven’t already, read Part 1 here.]

This isn’t over…

Since that experience 7 years ago, I realized more things about my life and how the devil uses sexuality to confuse people about their true purpose. But it wasn’t until I met Guy Hammond that I learned the right approach to sharing the Gospel with Homosexuals.

It was a Friday night  at Rutgers University and one of the Christian fellowship groups was holding a joint meeting with Rutger’s LGBT group. The discussion was on Homosexuality and Christianity. The special speaker was Guy Hammond, a former homosexual turned Christian. I was immediately interested and yet ready for war. In my mind, I had already misjudged him. I assumed he would try to justify Homosexuality as a Christian.  Instead his testimony forced me to share my own.

He was sexually molested as a child and like many others, his struggle with Homosexuality started during childhood. It wasn’t until he met Jesus and turned his life over to Him that things began to change. I was intrigued by his story. He shared his daily fight with same-gender attraction and how he feared condemnation and being labeled ” an abomination before God”.  Even so, God never gave up on him. In Guy’s testimony, you’ll learn how God changed his heart and as a result he began to leave his former ways behind including Homosexuality. It was an amazing transformation and an amazing testimony…one of those moments where you say to yourself “That had to be God” .

It was the first real testimony I had ever heard about a former Homosexual who left Homosexuality. It helped me understand that God’s love can change anything.  His love has the ability to change and fix anything you feel (or do not feel) is wrong in your life. Once you “give up” and give over your life to Him, it will NEVER be the same.

 Assault Homosexuals with God’s Love NOT His Condemnation

As a result of hearing Guy’s testimony and going thru my own experience, I now choose to approach One Way, One Loveothers who feel they are gay with God’s love. If ever someone responds with “I can’t change myself“, I’ll tell them “You’re right, you can’t but God can.” This isn’t about figuring out what homosexuality is or why people feel that way (that’s another story for another blog post in the future 😉 …) This is showing people that God loves them unconditionally and has a perfect plan for them. He makes no mistakes and no defects. It doesn’t matter what YOU think you are, it only matters what GOD says you are.

If you’re gay and reading this, my honest question to you would be as followed. I don’t care whether you think you’re gay or not. I only care about if you want to know Christ. He was more than some guy who roamed the earth 2000+ years ago doing miracles and preaching about Love.. He was someone who died to save us from sins and give us a better life. He wants to rid us of shame and guilt, He wants us to live joyous, blessed lives. HE LOVES US MORE THAN WE CAN EVER IMAGINE.

So do you want to know Him?

If yes, then my next honest question would be..Are you ready to give up your life to Him?  Notice I didn’t say, “stop being gay” before you submit to God. No, if it were that easy then this would be a whole different letter. God takes us where we’re at, He doesn’t need us to be perfect – He just needs to admit we can’t do it without Him. That’s the first step..but the most important step.

I will tell you in advance, it will be scary at first. It comes down to this….Giving up everything you ever thought or “known” to be true is terrifying. In essence, you’ll be admitting that you don’t know everything (including about your own sexuality)  but God doesBut fear not because it’s the best decision YOU WILL EVER MAKE. Once you see how God sees you, your life will never be the same. I guarantee that.

I continually pray for those who are struggling with Homosexuality or same gender attraction today to give up “everything” to God.  If any one wishes to reach out for prayer, please do not hesitate. As always, feel free to share your comments but please keep it respectful.

 In His love,









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