Cutting Off Split Ends: A Foot In The Right Direction

I decided to cut off 12 inches of hair . Yup, one foot of hair is gone which is the most I’ve ever cut off. IMG_20131227_181732I look back and realized I probably waited longer than I should have. After waiting so long for it to grow, I became attached to it. I just didn’t want to cut it off until I had to. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer with all the split ends staring me in my face so I made the appointment and donated it.

Looking back on this moment, I couldn’t help relate it in other ways to my life. Metaphorically speaking,  2013 had truly been a year of cutting off  “split ends”.  Just like our hair, when life gets to a “breaking point”,  the only thing to do it cut out the negative and move forward. Until we do, we won’t continue to grow. Personally I know I let many issues grow and grow, instead of just letting them “go”. I realized until I “cut them off”, I wasn’t going to see growth and improvement in my life.

Just like with my hair cut of 12 inches, it may have been difficult to let go of so much at once… but I know I took a “foot” in the right direction. #NewGrowth

Ephesians 4:14-15 “We are not meant to remain as children but to grow up in every way into Christ.” (Phillips)

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