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As part of the New Life Resolution contest with CrossFit Salus, I agreed to take the Whole30 Challenge  from Whole9. In a nutshell, it’s a nutritional program designed to change your life in 30 days based on the principles of the Paleo diet.

At first, I thought this would be easy. I went on the Daniel Fast last year which limited my intake of sugar, carbs, processed and artificial ingredients. Since then, I’ve already been in the habit of reading my labels and restricting my diet. But as I read more into the details of the Whole9 program, I started to find a lot of everyday ingredients that weren’t allowed. Even more there’s a “no slip” rule and no Paleo-fied baked good (Paleo cookies and breads).  Here’s a list of things I know I’ll miss for the next 30 days:

Legumes such as chickpeas, black bleans, red beans, peanuts and soy. 

The "Do Not Touch" for 30 Days Shelf

The “Do Not Touch” for 30 Days Shelf

Chick Peas:  I love hummus especially when I make it home-made and add in some interesting flavors like roasted red peppers or chipotle peppers. Alas, no hummus for the next 30 days but I will see what the Paleo alternative is like with cauliflower hummus

Black Beans, Red Beans: Being Puerto Rican, I grew up on rice and beans. While I don’t eat as much rice as I used to, I still love beans with nearly everything (especially in the morning with a Fried egg and tostones). Looks like this favorite is out but I am curious as to how my body will feel with it removed from diet.

Peanuts: No more peanut butter? Really? This will be a sacrifice for me but again, I’m curious to find out how my body will feel without it

Soy:  While I don’t eat a lot of soy products, I do regularly drink a Soy Protein shake that I’ve enjoyed for the past 3 years. This will be an adjustment for me as I usually am “on-the-go” for work and like to have shake mix with me at all times. At any rate, at least I will learn how important it is to plan out my meals and make “to-go” Paleo options instead

On the other hand, here are some cooler-than-usual-for-a-diet-plan things about the Whole30 Challenge

  • – Eat for your activity level not on a pre-calculated amount of calories you should or shouldn’t eat for the day
  • – Eat 3 meals a day. Also, eat enough to keep you full until the next meal-; try not to snack if you can help it
  •  – Don’t trick yourself by eating “Paleo” Breads, Cookies any other Paleo treats (Read more about this with their “Just Say No To SWPO article – pretty on point if you ask me)

After reading, prepping and preparing – I’m ready to go. Day 1, here I come!

Your only job during the Whole30 is to focus on making good food choices. You don’t need to weigh or measure, you don’t need to count calories, you don’t need to stress about organic, grass-fed, pastured or free range. Just figure out how to stick to the Whole30 in any setting, around every special circumstance, under any amount of stress… for 30 straight days. Your only job? Eat. Good. Food.


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