Small Steps, Big Victories


There’s less than 12 days to the CrossFit Open and I can feel the intensity and excitement in the air at CrossFit Salus. Everybody’s working hard to to prepare themselves to compete and I can’t help but get into the competitive spirit.

One Step At A Time

Taking a small step forward toward a big goal.

But with only 6 weeks of CrossFit under my belt, I’ve discovered I have a lot more “goats” to overcome before I can get close to Rx-ing every workout. At times it can be discouraging when you come to face to face with a WOD or even a part of a WOD you know you can’t do. If you let it, it can put quite a damper on your workout and your entire mood in general.

I recently came across a famous quote from Lao Tzu who said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” My journey to “Rx” land may very well be a thousand miles away but each day at CrossFit is like one step towards that goal.

For that reason, I thought it would be a good idea to start listing some of my goals or “goats” that I wish to see gone in the next 6 months.

Overhead Squat – The overhead position with the bar is still tough on my shoulders and I still struggle to get back up from the squat position. However working on my shoulder and hip mobility has made a significant difference.

Double Unders – The tricky thing about double unders is being able to establish some sort of rhythm that allows you to do multiple double-unders in a row. Another thing I noticed is the importance of jumping high enough.

Pull-ups – When I think of pull-ups, I think of all the times in gym class that I missed the Presidential Fitness Award because I couldn’t do at least 1 pull-up from a hanging position. Pull-ups are probably the one goat I look forward to slaying the most.

As I improve each week, I’m happy to see the things I have accomplished:

  • Rope Climb – It took me a while but using the J-Hook over the Wrap helped me to FINALLY get up the rope successfully
  • Clean and Jerk – Was able to reach a PR of 95 lbs
  • Snatch – Finally started doing snatches with weight and reached 65 lbs
  • Rx’d a workout- Today I was finally able to Rx a WOD!  It was the CrossFit Games Open 11.2 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps): 15-Minute AMRAP of: 9 Deadlifts, 155# / 100# 12 Push-ups 15 Box Jumps, 24″ / 20″

I’ll keep this list handy the next time I get discouraged about something I can’t do in CrossFit. After all, with time and hard work – I believe small steps do lead to big victories.

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