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The Best New Years Day Ever

Today I started a new journey, or better yet a “new life’s resolution” as my CrossFit coaches would say. On New Year’s Day, I was notified that I won a contest and would receive 3 Free months at CrossFit Salus. I nearly hit the ceiling, I was so excited.  2014 couldn’t have started off any better!

Surprisingly, that didn’t stop the questions from going thru my head – What really is CrossFit? Will 1stdayI like it? Is it really as good (or bad) as I’ve read on the internet? Will I be able to handle the workouts? As a former athlete, I love to compete but for the first time I actually questioned my physical ability to do something. The doubt didn’t last long once I met Gino and Angela Salveo, owners of Crossfit Salus in Middletown, NJ.

I stepped in the Gino and Angela’s box for the first time and immediately felt like my mind was at ease.  As they begin to  introduce themselves, I knew I was in the right place and with the right people to begin my journey. As athletes, they understand the importance of safety and are dedicated to seeing their members improve.  The emphasis is not just on getting better but on doing things correctly and safely.

Without much delay, we jumped right in – Angela took my body measurements, discussed the Whole30 program and Gino got me signed up for WODify. The next day I took my first on-ramp class.

 The Importance of the Hollow Hold

We begin with a short warm-up and then a talk on the “Hollow Hold” movement

Being able to hold the hollow body position is key in gymnastics, whether you’re in a handstand, in a support hold on p-bars or rings, or doing straight and broad jumps.  Continue to find and develop your hollow! – Carl Paoli,

Gino demonstrated how this movement comes in to play in a variety of movements  including handstands, presses and squats. As a fundamental exercise for developing core stability, I knew this needed to be practiced daily since my core has never been my strongest asset


Wait, is that baby doing a pull-up? Man, I’ve got work to do…

We moved on to other movements including pull-ups and ring dips – neither of which I was successful with unassisted (..not yet at least 😉 ).  The important thing I had to keep in mind is how everything we did was “scalable” – basically there was some type of modification that could be done if I couldn’t do the exercise.

Next came box jumps and Hand Release Pushups (HRPU). While I was able to “Rx” these two exercises, ( Rx meaning the term used to describe a movement or exercise you can perform “as prescribed” without modification) I already felt the urge to challenge myself further (How many more reps can I do? How much I higher can I go on the box jumps?)

We concluded with a small WOD that while short in duration still gave me a taste of what’s to come.   There’s something about this place that makes you want to see how far you can go…and I’m starting to really like that 🙂

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