The Game Of Life vs. The Game Of Grace


One of the worst mistakes you can make in a team sport is to try to predict the outcome of a game before it’s even begun. Over-confidence can lead you right down the path to defeat. I couldn’t have seen this any more clearly than during the 2014 Superbowl this past Sunday. All week I’ve been hearing how Peyton Manning’s high powered offense was going to pick apart the Seahawks defense. What we all saw was just the opposite as the Seahawks dominated the game in one of the most lop-sided wins in Super Bowl history.

In sports, it’s almost never certain what the outcome of a game will be.  However, in Christ we know we always have the victory. Faith tells us to call things that are unseen as though they are seen.  Basically, God wants us to celebrate the victory before the game has even started! We can rest in Christ’s perfect and complete work on the cross. Our sins are forgiven, our lives are blessed and we have a purpose to accomplish that no Devil can stop. I wrote the following below to remind myself  of how “Life’s Game” is very different from the “Game of Grace“.

The Game Of Life vs. The Game Of Grace
Life can be a game
Serious or fun
You can be the star
Or you can be no one
We strive to be the best,
We strive to be “someone”
Big plays, mental mistakes
Never knowing the outcome
The game of life can be unfair
You “win some, lose some”
But You can’t argue the score
What’s done… is done
The Game of Grace is different
Christ says His work’s already done
He calls the win, we start to cheer
Before the game has even begun
He points to the stands
Right before the homerun
Before He takes the field
Before He’s even swung
Bring out the trophy,
Come stand on the podium
Prepare the way….
Here comes the Champion
We’re on His team
Look at that cross where He hung
There’s no need to argue
What’s done is DONE
The critics will doubt
The persecution will come
But before you play the game


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