The Importance of Re-Creation

The root word of create is to “to make, produce,” “arise, grow”

Isn’t it interesting that to create you have to “birth” something, something that wouldn’t have occurred naturally or by its own evolution.
You have to bring yourself to a place where you challenge your capabilities to birth something new.
Therefore by definition, recreation is actually re-creation, the act of creating something anew again. Most people consider recreation as an act of enjoyment or pleasure for relaxation. Few would consider recreation as a time to invest and “re-create” yourself.
In this context however, recreation is important because by challenging yourself to be “creative”, “productive” or to “grow”,  this then “creates” an atmosphere of change and progress for your life. Recreation could be physical activity or personal interests, or both.  Some may ride a bike, play a sport, knit a blanket, paint or read books. Whatever it is, recreation is necessary for growth. Take time to re-create yourself today. #ReCreation

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