What Would Jesus Deadlift?


I had a feeling it would be good a day. Feeling extra motivated for CrossFit, I decided to get there early and “practice” some rowing. Armed with my favorite t-shirt titled “WWJD: What Would Jesus Deadlift?“, I arrived to find  my favorite movement on the whiteboard for today’s workout…DEADLIFTS.

“This must be fate?” I told myself. Feeling a little extra motivation from my t-shirt (thanks, JC), I looked for my coach since I noticed our space had tables set up and various medical personnel hanging around. No biggie, I thought to myself. I’m not used to an audience but they can watch as I get my lift on. It’s gonna be a GOOD day, especially when I get to do deadlifts.


What Would Jesus Deadlift?

Have your ever wanted to ignore your weaknesses?

Two minutes later, those hopes were dashed as my coach informed me we’d have to alter today’s workout since “my audience” was actually part of a blood drive taking place in our space.

(Blood drive?!? Who needs blood when all you need is the blood of Jesus?!?………………….haha JUST KIDDING!)

So to change it up, we went outside (hot and humid might I add) and the workout was changed to 3 rounds of approx. a 3oo meter run followed by 11 burpees, 3 minutes rest, then repeat that cycle 2 more times.

As soon as I heard “run” AND “burpees”, I went to a dark place…This is NOT what I had in mind.

My reaction surprised even myself. As much as I know my endurance needed work, I wasn’t happy. I was having such a good day, I wanted to end strong but instead I knew I was going to have to push myself more than I wanted to and struggle at something I knew I wasn’t the best at. If you had left it up to me, I most likely would have bailed on today’s workout.

But there’s always a lesson that can be learned with God.

You see, each time I went down for a burpee, I noticed the writing on my shirt, What Would Jesus Deadlift? It made me remember 1 Peter 2:24 because it was the only answer that made sense.

1 Peter 2:24. “…who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.”

When it says bore our sins, I realized that it was the ENTIRE WORLD’s sins, not just my sins. So the only proper answer to that question, What Would Jesus Deadlift remains …

Without a doubt, He would deadlift the weight of the world.

He would undoubtedly pick us up from the dirty place we were in and put us on His back. He would take every sin we would ever commit and bear it all for us.

Yet, even Jesus had days like I had today. Even he asked His father if the cup of suffering could pass from His lips (Matthew 26:39). Even Jesus wondered if there was a way out.

But we all know He didn’t take it…

Matthew 26:39 – “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.

Jesus set the ultimate example that it’s not our will that makes us into the people we are supposed to be but God’s will alone. Again, had you left the workout up to me, I most certainly may have taken it easy or ditched all together. But in life, we are called to do things that will stretch us, challenge us and force us out of our comfort zones.  If we did things our way, we’ll never arrive at the place God wants us.

Today, I encourage you to challenge yourself to work on those areas of your life that you’d rather walk away from. Whether it’s a bad attitude, a bad habit or even avoiding something in your fitness you know you should be working on.

Whatever it is, I encourage you bring every weakness to God and say “Lord, let thy will be done”. Even if it’s hard, hurts or feels like hell. Because I know that’s “What You Would Do”.

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